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Enjoy buying in bulk or requesting custom orders from the best vape supplier in the industry. VapenSupply can provide you with empty vape cartridges and 510 vape batteries. Plus, disposable vape pens and wax vaporizer pens. Our online catalog contains the best models to give you the most pleasing vaping experience.

If you are a retailer, look at our products’ specs to discover better ways to make more sales. At any time, you can count on our friendly staff for more information and support. We will listen to your request and offer you the best solution for your needs.

The Benefit Of Wholesale Empty Vape Products

Our goal is to supply cost-competitive vaping products to get you ahead of the curve. Outperform the competition thank to our wholesale vape products:

  1. Take advantage of our white label service! For example, request vape packagings that meet your clients’ taste.
  2. Make custom orders as you scale your business. At any point, you can count on prompt delivery of the most sought-after products.
  3. Attract more customers. Thanks to our after-sale warranty, you can access a wide variety of wholesale vaping supplies with confidence.
  4. Stop losing sales! Whether you need standard or eGo 510 thread batteries, we got you covered!

Quality Wholesale Vape Cartridges

The cheapest wholesale vape cartridges can also be the most effective ones. On balance, most empty cartridges are available in 1 ml or half ml formats. So, quality must lie somewhere within the components. For example, you must have a good ceramic core for ensuring a refreshing yet intense hit. Of course, leaking is a red flag. So, quality also means cost-effectiveness.

Wholesale vape cartridges come with after-sale warranties to ensure that every piece is 100% flawless. In fact, we only employ the best tech to ensure no leaks and no residual oil left in the cartridges for top performance.

Buy Bulk Oil Vape Pen

A disposable vape pen for oil is not a rechargeable item. Besides, it does not have a separate battery and cartridge. It is made of one piece, with a little oil tank that you will fill up and use. Then, when it is all done and out of battery, you can toss it and purchase some more.

Of course, no disposable vape pen lacks any features just because it is a disposable item. But you should buy bulk quantities to make the most out of your passion. Or to make more profit by selling them. Especially if you are in retail.

Best 510 Thread Batteries

Sourcing 510 thread batteries sound simples. But in actuality, there is a wrong way to do it. For example, by not choosing a reputable manufacturer. Of course, the best 510 thread batteries must be very simple to operate and affordable. So, you should select the wholesaler after careful planning.

Our wholesale quotes take care of every detail. Do not settle for limited temperature options and small battery capacity. Here at VapenSupply, you can find just what you need at the most competitive price. Contact us for more information. Find out about our product’s specs and different settings for temperature and voltage. Get both the compact size and the micro-USB charging in one go!