M1 Ccell Disposable Vape Wholesale

The best Ccell style disposable vape pen. Compact, all-in-one design is easy to carry and use.

  1. Ccell Ceramic Core Technology
  2. 350mAh battery inside
  3. 0.5ml capacity
  4. Ceramic mouthpiece

Additional information


M1 Ccell Disposable


0.5ml Oil Capacity

Oil Holes Size


Heating Element

Ceramic Core

Mouthpiece Options

Ceramic White & Black Top


Standard 510 Thread

M1 Ccell Disposable Vape Wholesale

Our M1 Ccell disposable vape pen built-in 350mAh grade A battery and food grade glass tank. Coming with ceramic core ccell technology and 2.0mm intake holes, this disposable vape pen is suitable for high viscosity oil.

*Ccell means ceramic core technology, not the brand “CCELL”.

Features&Tech Specs.


  1. Ceramic Core Technology
  2. Ceramic Mouthpiece/Custom Mouthpiece
  3. Auto Draw Actitivated
  4. Leak Proof


Technology Specs:

  1. Capacity: 0.5mL
  2. Battery: 350mAh
  3. Intake holes size: 4*2.0mm/Custom available
  4. Dimensions: 10.5mm(D)*122mm(H)
  5. Coil Resistance:1.4ohm


CCELL disposable pen spces


We provide more options on custom the M1 disposable vape pen.

You can custom the mouthpice from ceramic, plastic barrel, and glass.

Custom the color of the mouthpice especially the battery part.

For more custom vapes, please contact our sales team.

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