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Most popular Ccell style 510 ceramic cartridges. Full ceramic cartridge wholesale

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Grade A battery inside vape pens, 510 threading fits for most 510 oil cartridges

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Fully-charged&portable Ccell disposable pen, easy vaping on the go.

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Wax vaporizers are perfect for quick, strong hits anywhere

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Featured Products

M4 Ccell Ceramic Cartridge

The most popular ceramic ccell cartridge on the market.

  • Pure Taste
  • Ccell Technology
  • Ceramic Mouthpiece

FC3 Full Ceramic Cartridge​

New coming full ceramic lead free vape cartridge.

  • Quad Big Intake Holes
  • 11.5mm diameter
  • Huge Smoke

FC1 Full Ceramic Cartridge​

Push top full ceramic vape cartridge, disposable use.

  • Ccell Compatible Size
  • Non-refillable
  • Full Ceramic Lead Free

M4 Ccell Ceramic Cartridge

The most popular ceramic ccell cartridge on the market.

  • Pure Taste
  • Ccell Technology
  • Ceramic Mouthpiece

M3s Ccell Auto Draw Battery​

Auot draw Ccell battery with bottom mirco-USB charging.

  • Auto draw activated
  • 350mAh battery
  • Micro-USB charging

Ccell Disposable Vape Pen​

Ccell style glass disposable pen, multi mouthpiece available.

  • Ccell technology
  • 0.5ml oil cartridge
  • Multi Mouthpiece

M2 Disposable Pen​

Stick vape disposable pen with rechargeable battery.

  • 0.5ml oil capacity
  • Micro-USB charging
  • Ceramic core

P1 Disposable Pod Pen​

A pod system disposable vape pen for Delta 8 oil.

  • 0.5ml oil capacity
  • Ceramic core
  • 320mAh battery

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Green products

All ceramic vape cartridges use green materials which are lead free and grade A battery for vape pens.

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We offer customer services and coordination from production to logistics.

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VapenSupply team stay 24/7 standing by to solve your problems or inquiries in time.

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With our proactive team of talented and experienced designers, any of your branding options can be bespoke for specific needs.

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