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380mAh Max Battery Vape Pen

Max battery vape pen features a 380mAh battery, adjustable voltage and preheat function.

  1. Variable Voltage
  2. Preheat Function
  3. Button Activated
  4. Mirco-USB Rechargeable
Battery CapacityGrade A 380mAh battery
Voltage Output2.6V-3.1V-3.6V
Charging Bottom Micro-USB Charging
FeatureVariable Voltage Battery
ThreadingStandard 510 Thread

Discover the Max Battery Vape Pen – a game-changer for vape enthusiasts. With button-activated precision, adjustable voltage settings, and a preheating function, this vape pen puts control in your hands for an unparalleled experience.

Charge on-the-go with its convenient micro-USB port, and enjoy compatibility with standard 510 thread cartridges. Elevate your vaping journey with the Max Battery Vape Pen, where innovation meets satisfaction. Upgrade today for the ultimate vaping excellence.

Features&Technology Specs.


  • Button activated
  • Adjustable voltage
  • Preheating function
  • Micro-USB charging port
  • Standard 510 Thread


  • 380mAh Grade A battery
  • Dimension: 11mm*89mm
  • 3 clicks voltage change:
    • Low=White(2.7V)
    • Medium=Blue(3.1V)
    • High=Red(3.6V)
  • 2 clicks preheat at 1.8V
  • 5 clicks to turn on/off
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max battery vape pen

How to Use the Max Battery Vape Pen

  1. Turn on the battery by 5 rapid clicks the button
  2. Adjust the voltage by 3 rapid click
  3. Activate the Preheat function by 2 rapid clicking the button
  4. Keep pressing the button to inhale
  5. 5 quick clicks to turn off the battery once finished vape.
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max battery vape pen

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    What is the MOQ for max vape pen battery?

    MOQ is 1000pcs and we accept sample order like 10pcs.

    What is the price for max vape pen battery wholesale?

    The wholesale price can be cheap as $2.25 if buy bulk over 50k, please contact us for more details.

    What is the voltage for the max battery vape pen?

    There are 3 settings voltage for max battery, 2.6v – 3.1v- 3.6v.

    Can you do custom printing on the max battery?

    Yes, we off custom vape pen service. The MOQ for custom branding is 1000pcs on the max battery for one color. Please contact us for more details.