Ccell M3 Auto Draw Battery

This M3 auto draw activated 510 battery is easy to use and suitable for vaping on-the-go with the compact design. This battery fits for all bottom airflow 510 vape cartridges.

  1. Grade A 350mAh battery
  2. Led indicated
  3. Auto draw activated
  4. Rechargeable

Additional information


M3 auto draw battery

Battery Capacity

Grade A 350mAh battery

Voltage Output



Micro USB charging on top




Standard 510 Thread

Ccell M3 Auto Draw Battery

Wholesale the most popular auto draw activated 510 battery on the market. The M3 510 thread battery is the best choice for your ccell cartridges. 10.5mm diameter and compact design makes the battery compatible with all ccell style 510 cartridges.


  1. Auto draw activated
  2. Led indicated
  3. Rechargeable battery
  4. Ccell cartridges compatible
  5. Grade A battery


  1. 350mAh big battery
  2. Dimension: 10.5mm*76mm
  3. Voltage output: 3.7V
  4. Charging protection
  5. Standard 510 threading


We pack the M3 battery in a white box with 100pcs. The charger will be individually packaged if you need it.


We provide custom service on the Ccell M3 battery. Multi-color options like Black, Silver, White, Blue, etc., and custom colors available. Contact us if you need a custom order.


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