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Ccell M3b Variable Voltage 510 Battery

This Ccell M3b 510 battery is a new slim variable voltage battery. Utilized with 510 ccell cartridges to get high performance.

  1. Variable Voltage
  2. Preheat Function
  3. Button Activated
  4. Mirco-USB Rechargeable
Battery CapacityGrade A 350mAh Battery
Voltage Output2.6V-3.1V-3.6V
Charging PortBottom Micro-USB Charging
Compatible withCcell Cartridges
FeatureVariable Voltage Battery
ThreadingStandard 510 Thread

Ccell M3b Variable Voltage 510 Battery

Introducing the M3b Button Activated 510 Battery – your key to a personalized vaping experience. With 3 adjustable voltage settings and a preheat function, this slim and compact device gives you unparalleled control. The built-in 350mAh battery provides over 200 hits on a single charge, making it last longer than its competitors.

Say goodbye to the bulky 11.2mm diameter Max vape pen – the Ccell M3b is the epitome of the best variable voltage 510 battery, perfectly compatible with Ccell vape cartridges. Its universal 510-thread design ensures seamless compatibility, providing a smooth and uninterrupted vaping experience.

Charging your M3b is easy with Micro-USB Rechargeability, allowing you to power it up on the go. Safety is a top priority, and the Overcharge Protection feature ensures worry-free charging. Take your vaping sessions to the next level with the M3b variable voltage 510 Battery – where style meets functionality. Order now to unlock the next level of satisfaction in variable voltage vaping.

Features&Technology Specs.


  • Button activated
  • Three setting voltage
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Micro-USB charging port
  • Standard 510 Thread


  • 350mAh grade A battery
  • Dimension: 10.5mm*91mm
  • 3 clicks voltage change:
    • Low=Green(2.6V)
    • Medium=Blue(3.1V)
    • High=Red(3.6V)
  • 2 clicks preheat at 1.8V
  • 5 clicks to turn on/off
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ccell m3b variable voltage 510 battery

How to use the M3b battery

  • 5 quick click the button to turn on the battery
  • When the battery is on, 3 quick clicks to adjust the output voltage
  • when the battery is on, 2 quick clicks to preheat the cartridge. Preheat function lasts 15 seconds.
  • Keep pressing the button to inhale
  • 5 quick clicks to turn off the battery once finished vape.
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ccell m3b 510 variable voltage battery

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    What is the price and MOQ for CCELL M3B variable voltage battery?

    The MOQ of ccell m3b variable voltage battery is 1000pcs, and price is $2.85 on 1000pcs.

    What is the lead time for ccell M3b 510 battery wholesale?

    For regular order like 1000pcs, the lead time is about 7-10 days; for custom order like 5000pcs the lead time is about 15-20 days.

    Can you do custom branded on ccell M3b 510 variable voltage battery?

    Yes, we can do custom printing on the ccell M3b battery, including custom color, custom logo, etc

    Can I see a sample before buy bulk?

    Yes, you can have sample to test before buying bulk, contact us for more details.