Eazy Press Glass Vape Cartridge

The EP205/EP210 eazy-press oil cartridge is for quick filling and capping. No arbor tool required.

  1. Easy Push Top
  2. Ceramic&Plastic barrel top available
  3. Ceramic Core
  4. Best for Thick Oil

Additional information


EP205/EP210 Eazy-Press Cartridge



Oil Holes Size


Heating Element

Ceramic Core

Mouthpiece Options

Ceramic/Plastic Barrel Mouthpiece


Standard 510 Thread

Eazy Press Glass Vape Cartridge

The EP205/EP210 easy press vape cartridge is designed for quick filling and capping to make your production more efficiently. The easy press push top design makes the cartridge tamper proof with the easy snap-on locking system. This cartridge is also using micro-porous honeycomb ceramic core which provides smooth vape and strong hits.

*Ccell means Ceramic core technology, not the brand “CCELL”.

Tamper-Proof&Easy Press

The eazy press glass vape cartridge is designed with snap-on locking system. The eazy press design makes it tamper proof. Unlike the Ccell M3 plastic cartridge, the eazy press cartridge is coming with pyrex glass, it lets us use a new design that is more easier to snap-on. 


More Options

We provide different materials and different colors of mouthpiece for you to choose from.

You can choose a ceramic top, and plastic top.

Multi-color options for ceramic mouthpiece, from Black, White color to Red, Blue color, etc.

Wholesale the Eazy Press Glass Cartridge

Best For Customization

Get a custom printing is easy at VapenSupply. Tell us your request and we will make it happen.

We provide silk printing, laser engraving service to enhance your brand.

*MOQ for custom glass vape cartridges is 5,000pcs. Learn more about our custom vape service.

eazy press glass vape cartridge
eazy press vape cartridge

Easy press, tamper proof mouthpiece

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High Quality Pyrex Glass

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Lead Free Center Post

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Micro-porous Ceramic Core

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Cartridge Base-510 Thread

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Features&Tech Specs.


  1. Ceramic core
  2. Meet heavy metal testing requirements
  3. Lead free cartridge
  4. Pyrex glass
  5. Easy press & Tamper proof

Eazy Press Cartridge Specification:

  1. Volume options: 0.5ml&1.0ml
  2. Oil holes size: 4*2.0mm/Custom available
  3. Dimension: 10.5mm*55mm(0.5ml) /10.5mm*67mm(1.0ml)
  4. Coil Resistance: 1.4ohm
  5. Universal 510 threading

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