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M4 Glass Ccell Cartridge

This cartridge will work with most 510 thread batteries but is engineered to pair and function best with a CCELL auto draw battery.

  1. Quality Guaranteed
  2. Porous Ceramic Core
  3. Big Cloud
  4. Heavy Metal Test Passed
Dimension0.5mL: Φ10.6×57.5mm,
1.0mL: Φ10.6×67.5m
Oil Holes Size4*2.0mm
Heating ElementCeramic Core
Coil Resistance1.4 Ohm
ThreadingStandard 510 Thread

M4 Glass Ccell Cartridge

Our m4 Ccell cartridge features optimized ceramic core vaporizer technology. This Ccell cartridge is best compatible with thick extracts oil since it has 2.0mm intakes. With the Micro-porous honeycomb ceramic heating element, this cartridge provides a consistent, smooth and big hit. 

*Ccell means Ceramic core technology, not the brand “CCELL”.

High Quality&Lead Free

We choose excellent raw material suppliers in the industry to ensure the tolerance of materials within the quality requirements.

With newly updated silicone rings on the top and bottom to reduce the leakage rate to under 0.5%.

The metal parts that touch oil are changed to green copper materials. That means this ceramic vape cartridge is lead free and it has passed the Heavy Metal Testing.

no leakage cart
ccell carts

Features&Tech Specs.


  • Ceramic core
  • Meet heavy metal testing requirements
  • Lead free cartridge
  • Pyrex glass


  • Volume options: 0.5ml&1.0ml
  • Oil holes size: 4*2.0mm/Custom available
  • Dimension: 10.5mm*50mm(0.5ml) /10.5mm*62mm(1.0ml)
  • Coil Resistance: 1.4ohm
  • Universal 510 threading

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Multi-color Mouthpiece Options

Since the M3 Ccell push top cartridge is using a plastic mouthpiece, multi-color options are an advantage. You can choose the mouthpiece from a transparent color to a solid color.

Best For Customization

A high-end look product will bring your brand to a high level. Custom your cartridge color will be easy at VapenSupply.

We do customized service on Ccell cartridges- silk printing your logo on the glass, customized color on mouthpiece or cartridge base.

*MOQ for custom vape cartridges is 2,000pcs. Learn more about our custom vape service.

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