EGO 510 Twist Vape Pen Battery

The Ego twist is a discreet and powerful vape pen battery. Fits all 510 thread prefilled essential oil cartridges with variable voltage.

  1. Bottom twist to adjust voltage
  2. Preheating Function
  3. Button Activated
  4. Mirco-USB Rechargeable

Additional information


510 Twist vape pen battery

Battery Capacity

Grade A 350mAh battery

Voltage Output



510 USB charger




Standard 510 Thread

EGO 510 Twist Vape Pen Battery

This is a highly operable battery, unlike the other three setting voltage  battery, you can get the desired output voltage by twisting the bottom, the voltage range is 2.0V to 4.0V, each small bar means 0.1V.

Features&Technology Specs.


  1. Twist bottom to adjustable voltage
  2. Get your desired output voltage
  3. Variable voltage
  4. Preheating function
  5. Standard 510 Thread


  1. 350mAh grade A battery
  2. Dimension: 11.2mm*89mm
  3. Twist the bottom to adjust voltage, increased by 0.1V
  4. 2 clicks preheat at 1.8V
  5. 5 clicks to turn on/off
510 twist vape pen battery

Order MOQ:

The MOQ of twist vape pen battery is 1000pcs each color.


We pack this 510 thread battery in a blister packaging including USB charger.


We provide custom service on the battery. Multi-color options like Black, Silver, White, Blue, etc., and custom colors available. Contact us if you need a custom order.

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