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SOC Dry Herb Vaporizer

The SOC dry herb vaporizer is a portable enail kit that is a built-in 2600mAh powerful battery and offers a great vape experience.

  1. 2600mAh big battery
  2. Portable concentrate dab rig
  3. Lightning Warmup
  4. Led Light Indicator
  5. Micro USB Charging
Battery Capacity2600mAh
Heating ElementCeramic Atmozier
TemperatureTemperature Control- 4 levels
Dimension159mm x 89mm x 70mm

SOC Dry Herb Vaporizer

S.O.C stands for System on Chip( Merge all other products’ advantages on one). SOC wax vaporizer is a glass bong and powered by an internal 2600mAh battery. It is made by a ceramic atomizer and there are four temperature settings, allowing the users the flexibility to heat and burn at a level that is desired.

Features&Tech Specs.


  • Long-lasting built-in 2600mAh battery
  • Lightning Warmup
  • 4 Temp Settings: Led Light Indicator
  • Portable concentrate dab rig


  • Dimensions: 159mm x 89mm x 70mm
  •  Internal 2600mAh battery
  • 4 Temp Settings:
    • Blue light (Small): 450F
    • Green light (Medium): 500F
    • Red light(Large): 550F
    • White light(XL): 600F
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What does the SOC led soc vaporizer indicator meaning?

There is a led indicator on the SOC wax vaporizer, the function of the led light is as follows:

  1. Red light flashes 3 times: low power
  2. Red light flashes 5 times: short circuit
  3. Red light stays bright: product overheating

How To Change The Temp Setting:

3 clicks to set temperature

  • Blue: 400°F – For small sized loads
  • Green: 500°F – For medium sized loads
  • Red: 550°F – For large sized loads
  • White: 600°F – For extra large sized loads
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How to Use the SOC Wax Vaporizer

A simple way to use the SOC wax vaporizer

  • Take out the SOC wax vaporizer
  • Simply install the atomizer and fill it with the concentrate/wax
  • Fill water into the glass tank
  • 5 clicks to turn on the SOC
  • 3 clicks to choose your temperature and start to vape
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how to use the SOC vaporizer

What is included in the SOC vaporizer kit

1x SOC Dab Rig Device
1x Hand blown borosilicate glass piece
1x Removable atomizer
3x Ceramic bowls
1x Hand blown carb cap
1x Metal wand for loading
1x Silicone storage jar
3x Isopropyl Alcohol filled cotton swabs
1x USB charging cable
1x User manual

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    Is the SOC vaporizer portable?

    Yes, the SOC vaporizer is portable use.

    How do I operate the SOC Vaporizer Kit?

    The SOC Vaporizer Kit is simple and easy to operate. 5 clicks can lock and unlock the device. 3 quick clicks can select heat settings. Click once to check battery life. The device features a 4-grade temperature with LED lights to indicate different temperature levels.

    What is the battery capacity of the SOC Vaporizer Kit?

    The SOC Vaporizer Kit is powered by a 2600mAh built-in battery that provides great power and endurance for vaping feed. It takes approximately 2.5 hours for full battery charges