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Post Corona Vaping: What Awaits Us in 2021?

The coronavirus pandemic has surely left its mark in 2020. Even in the cannabis vape industry. But if you pay attention to the latest news, it is easy to foresee a rebound in 2021.

Terpenes have slowly taken the stage in the legal world of cannabis. Today, each brand is trying to find the perfect blend to create unique products. This means that you could get better CBD vape cartridges as well.

As we now know, the standard CBD vape pen contains volatile aromas and other chemicals. The use of several compounds gives rise to the vast multitude of products on the market, after all. But quality has always been an issue. Especially standardized quality.

The hardest thing to find is the same product quality over and over again. But luckily for us, the latest finding on terpenes could steer the wheel in a new and very promising direction!

The promotion of the therapeutic benefits of terpenes

The research on cannabis terpenes focuses on the entourage effect. In detail, the term entourage effect describes synergistic effectiveness. It is the combined effect of the cannabinoids and terpenes produced by a cannabis plant (from the cannabis Sativa plant species).

Full-spectrum CBD vape cartridges are ideal for people who exercise regularly. In fact, they contain useful terps that can counteract inflammatory responses. And some experts say they could even help against COVID-19. The coronavirus symptoms include the cytokine storm syndrome after all.

In the Eybna study, researchers found out that terps reduce inflammation due to cytokine storms. That is, when white blood cells behave in such a way to cause:

  • confusional state
  • tremor
  • cerebellar ataxia
  • behavioral changes
  • aphasia
  • pyramidal syndrome
  • cranial nerve palsy
  • central hypothyroidism

Well, CBD outperformed traditional remedies such as corticosteroid Dexamethasone. In other words, CBD could play a critical role in finding new ways to reduce the negative impact of cytokine storms.

As a result, brands are likely to present the positive side effects of terpenes in their new products. Terpenes give cannabis plants their unique taste and smell.

More about terpenes

Cannabis contains hundreds of fascinating phytochemicals. Normally, the spotlight is always on cannabinoids, but terps are likely to steal the stage in 2021. Of course, it would be hard to know each terp. Especially given that more than 200 different terps are known today. Then again, we need more time and research to understand how varying concentration works. So, take time to learn them.

Here is a quick list to give you an idea:

  • Myrcene has anti-inflammatory and analgesics properties.
  • Limonene is common in Haze plants and gives them that citrusy aroma.
  • Linalool is soothing and relaxing.
  • Caryophyllene can help reduce pain.
  • Pinene is balsamic and promotes an expectorant action.
  • Terpineol has fresh, resinous notes and makes you calm.
  • Nerolidol smells woody and is an antioxidant substance.
  • Borneol helps against stress and fatigue.
  • Eucalyptol has a cooling smell and taste to lift your morale.
  • Humulene gives cannabis that earthly smell and could have anti-inflammatory properties.

The war against flavored vaping products

Lawmakers seem to be the most resistant obstacle to the economic recovery that the legalization of cannabis could provide. Besides, health experts have recently started a war against flavored vaping.

The H.R.2339 bill revised some previous terms relating to the cannabis industry. Sadly, the goal is to ban the use of flavoring additives. Of course, the Senate still has to approve the bill. But five states have already banned flavored products thanks to their own state legislators’ will.

On a more positive side, terpenes seem to be the new frontier for better taste and smell experiences. Then again, losing flavored products may not change the overall market all at once.

Despite the CODVID-19 pandemic, in the US, voters in four states managed to push the requests for the legalization of rec use of cannabis. So, while the virus could potentially slow the legalization process even further, 2021 will not see a change in this trend.

The growing unemployment rate is also a determining factor. But investors are getting cautious as well. Mostly because in 2020, they saw a huge deficit caused by the spread of the coronavirus.

While critics are nowhere near to be more tolerant toward vapers, we keep seeing a steady decline in the hold of Prohibition on the cannabis vape industry as well. This could mean that a flavorless CBD vape pen might be the safest solution for anyone looking at the recent news.

The downward slant of cannabis vape products and CBD vape cartridges

In 2020, vape-related sales dropped in California by two percentage points. Colorado, Nevada, and Washington did not perform better either. In part, COVID-19 changed people’s habits by forcing them to stay at home. Then again, the cannabis industry was already trying to recover ground after the first vaping-related death of Aug 23, 2019.

The coronavirus caused many businesses to shut down. At the same time, many tried to sell their products online, giving rise to new social media trends such as promoting vaping on TikTok.

TikTok states that solicitation of controlled substances is prohibited. But this did not stop Tiktokers from posting about the latest #VapeTricks and #vape videos.

Without a doubt, TikTok is going to rise as one of the top-performing platforms when it comes to news about the cannabis industry. Accounts like fiddyshadesofgreen already promote cannabis culture. Plus, they give hints to their products even though TikTok keeps banning their videos.

Thanks to TikTokers, Delta-8-THC and CBD vape cartridges are going to pave the way for the newest entries. That is, D9 THC cartridges with naturally derived terps.

TikTok and cannabis vape pens might prove to be a lasting trend. Even though this social media received backlash for its privacy issues and security breaches.


Without a doubt, the ban of flavored CBD vape cartridges will cause a significant sales dip in 2021. But the market resiliency has proved to be capable of sustaining the biggest health crisis of its era. So, we can expect to see more cannabis vape cartridges with natural terps and flavors in 2021. Moreover, more brands need to adapt to the change in habits that the COVID-19 vaccine will bring.